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ARTAS, the Robotic Hair Transplant System, achieves permanent, natural-looking results without pain or scarring.

The FDA-approved ARTAS robot is based on the extraction of follicular units from a giver area using a minimally invasive procedure. Its advantages lie in the use of sophisticated imaging technology and precision robotics to dissect follicular units accurately and systematically thousands of times in a single session, allowing the patient to preserve the natural appearance of the giving area.
Image-guided robotic fit
High-resolution cameras dynamically maneuver the robotic arm.
The robot’s arm can approach the follicular units from virtually any angle to control needle alignment.
High-definition user interface
Accurate quick selection at the micron level; determines the orientation, direction and angle of the hairs, difficult to detect by the human eye; monitoring and updating of the parameters of each follicular unit 60 times per second.
Minimally invasive dissection
Gets intact and robust grafts; preserves the natural appearance of the patient’s donor area.

Robotic arm guided by high definition images; precise and fast movements without attenuating performance; high-definition stereoscopic vision system.

Smart algorithms

Implementation site designed by algorithms to create an optimal growth pattern; intelligent algorithms to determine the angle, thickness and type of hair.

Resistant grafts

Extraction of intact follicles, with low level of transction; monitors and updates the parameters of each follicle 60 times per second; no visible scars, no damage to existing hair.

Online monitoring from USA

Some of the exclusive service offered Medical Hair is guaranteed by medical professionals based in the United States.

Results simulation software

With ARTAS Hair Studio your doctor takes photos of your face from the front, sides and crown. Then perform 3D modeling of your entire head and manually add the exact amount of hair according to your degree of baldness, facial structure, age and even the result you’re looking forward to.


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