Micrograft hair by hair without visible scar

The capillary micrograft is a painless and above all definitive surgical procedure that will allow you to recover fallen hair. Capillary grafts are performed with surgery under local anesthesia and a postoperative without any discomfort.

Albacete is a city and municipality in the autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha, capital of the province of the same name. Located in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula and the Central Plateau, in the historical region of La Mancha, specifically in the traditional region of La Mancha de Montearagón, it is part of the region of Los Llanos, of which it is its only municipality, in the Levant, on its westernmost boundary

At Medical Hair we have several treatments to remedy alopecia.

  • Capillary micrograft
    : consists of transplanting follicular units from other capillary areas (nape, sides of the head) into areas where there is no hair. In our center, this treatment is performed in mega-sessions,resulting in a transplant of a greater amount of hair in less time. The results, which are permanent, begin to be seen after 12 months, and after treatment the hair does not require special care.
  • Natural Hair Line: is an aesthetic and artistic treatment that consists of “drawing” the contour where the patient used to have hair so that the end result is almost imperceptible for the inexperienced.
  • Tricoforce®: is our anti-fall treatment, which the patient should start when they start noticing the absence or hair loss.
  • Tricopigmentation: is a treatment of an aesthetic and temporal character that consists of introducing a specific pigment into the surface layer of the dermis.

Medical Hair,
our hair graft center in Alcorcón, we have a top quality certification and are aware of technological advances and new techniques to perfect in our centers. In addition, our dealings with the customer are absolutely personal andconfidential, serving you from the first minute to the last. All this with a cost that is fully accessible to the public and with very satisfactory results on the part of our customers. If you want us to treat you at our center, you can contact us by calling our phone number or by personally going to our center.


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