Hair by hair micrograft

The “FUE” (Folicular Unit Extraction) technique consists of removing one by one the follicular units of the lateral and posterior area of the head. When the lower area of the beard has good density, we can also obtain from that area follicular units to place a larger number of hairs.

Preparation of the donor area:

In this technique it is necessary to shave the area. Under local anesthesia and using a micropunch, the follicular units are extracted one by one directly from the scalp. The Micropunch is a cylindrical tool whose diameter oscillates depending on the hairs of the follicular unit to be removed, whether 1, 2, 3 or 4 hairs. It also adapts to the size of the follicular units, which can range from 0.75 to 0.9 mm in diameter. And it will vary depending on the orientation and depth of the epidermis.

All Medical Hair instruments are imported from the US. and Europe.

Once the follicular units have been removed, they are placed in an adequate medium of cold and humidity to preserve all the properties of each follicular unit, so that they are in perfect condition until the time of implantation.

When we remove the follicular unit from the donor area, a small hole remains in it, which in a few days will close without leaving a visible scar.

Finally, we begin with the placement process in the patient’s receiving area. The surgeon establishes the design and performs the micro-incisions where the follicular units will be placed one by one.

Post-procedure care of the FUE technique is similar to that of any capillary implant.

The day after the procedure, the first wash is performed at the clinic, so the patient will know how to perform it later at home. In case you have to travel, you can do it that day.

The patient can then resume their daily tasks. It is essential to keep the area clean, following the instructions provided by the medical team. You may not exercise or sunbathe or UVA rays directly on transplanted grafts for as long as the specialist indicates.

Thanks to the incorporation of equipment imported from the USA and EUROPE and the increase of specialists per session, Medical Hair today is the only hair recovery center capable of performing Micro Hair Implant Megasesions, that is, that in less time they manage to transplant more hairs. This innovative Micro Hair Implant technique is a pioneer in our country and places Medical Hair at the height of the best hair recovery centers in the world.


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